Here you can read and see the most effective way to change the battery in your charger for an electric shaver. If the batteries in your electric shaver are dead don’t throw it away and get a new one, do not throw your money, with a few tools and a couple of dollars you alone can replace the old batteries and get it working again.


Here are the steps you need to do

– Take your electric shaver apart to find out what type of replacement battery you need.

– Buy your replacement batteries.

– Remove your old batteries

– Solder the new batteries and place. (easier than you think)

– Reassemble your razor and test it.


Do not rush or force replacing the battery as that may damage the battery or the battery itself for an electric shaver, follow the instructions step by step to most effectively change the battery in your charger for electric shaver, in this video you can see each step listed above.


Wondering where and how you can buy a replaceable battery for your electric shaver?

These are just some of the ways you can find a replaceable batteries:


Try to search on google using the model number of your shaver.

Try to find the original battery model number and search using that.

Try to find the original battery voltage and milliamps and search using that information.

Using the model of your shaver, you can try to search it on to see if you can easily find the replacement rechargeable battery you’re looking for.Good luck.