Irritating and loud sound of electric shaver

Irritating-and-loud-sound-of-electric-shaverNone of us likes loud and annoying sounds that electric shavers products, especially at night when most of the household is sleeping and you have to shave in order to tomorrow arrive fresh on the job. If some of you wonder about what sound is referred here in this video you can hear the sound of an electric shaver in question:

I use a rotary shaver and it is not something particularly noisy when shaving during the day but when i go to shave at night, then the sound is 10 times stronger probably because at night all the living are sleeping and it’s much more quiet than during the day. We are all hoping and looking forward to electric shavers that will be maximum silent, of course, if possible, but today everything is possible. I have an AT750 Philips shaver, I have only had it for a couple of weeks and have only cleaned it once, I think it’s to do with me not putting in the components right but I have tried lots of ways but nothing works. Then i find out that on a Phillips the cutting wheels are matched to the floating head foils, so you must reassemble each independent floating head as a matched pair. I have likely got them mixed up and it will take time, but the cutter wheels should eventually bed-in to the heads and become quieter.

Some Questions and Answers:

How do i stop the styliner from being loud ?:

-There is a power management mechanism on the side opposite of the power switch that looks like a circle with a that thing  in it. To set this to the optimum setting, plug the trimmers in and cut it on. Next, your going to use a flathead screwdriver to turn the knob clockwise until it clatters continuously. Next, you turn the back in the other direction slowly until the clattering stops altogether. Now, the “noise” should be gone and your trimmers are set to perform as they did when you first bought them.

Just starting making a loud rattling noise and seems to be vibrating more?

-Most likely, the drive unit needs replacing. To replace you will first need to gently pry off the ‘cap’ on the bottom that surrounds the hole where the cord plugs in. Once removed the side grips will pull off revealing 4 screws. Remove screws to take off back cover and access insides. Inner parts simply lift out

I am a groomer and have had these clippers several years. I have replaced numerous parts including the upper and lower housing, switch,

cord, blade drive assembly and recently the CAM assembly. When the blade is on them, they can be very loud. I frequently oil the blades.

I have tried the same “loud” blade on a newer pair of clippers and they sound fine. Is there something else I should try with the clippers?

-Check the tension of the hinge assembly which you slot your blades onto the hinge should be stiff (not moving by finger) also check the latch is connecting when the blades are fitted (check the blades won’t pull off without depressing the latch. Its possible the blade drive may require replacing again they do not last long if you a busy groomer. Don’t forget that quality and brand matters a lot while choosing your electric shaver. Bad shavers are prone to failure, can damage your skin, the greater the chance of cuts and more…because it is always a good thing that before buying an electric shaver to get information on the internet which shaver currently is the best, most efficient, in short, shaver that have a reputation.Some electric shavers produces more noise and are more effective than those that produce less noise. It is very important to be well informed before you buy yourself a electric shaver. Some of you stick with foil shavers and sincerely hope they do something to reduce the noise very soon.